Monday, October 1, 2007

Fits and (false) starts

I've been advised that most readers probably won't care about this post, but I've decided to include it for posterity.

Last night was productive but we didn't get to the point I was hoping to make it to. The hardware store was closed by the time we could get to it and we still needed a one and a quarter inch wrench. So, off to the national chain to buy the wrench and bring it home. By the way, apparently just because a wrench has markings on it that lead one to believe that it can expand to an inch and a quarter, doesn't mean that it actually does. Thanks.

what we got done:

- repositioned the shelf that we'd built the night before for the pump and figured out how we would mount it
- drilled a hole in the shelf to route the electricity through for the pump
- attached the cast iron manifolds and gaskets to the pump
- attached the brass-to-pex threaded adapters to the pump ends
- attached all the fittings to the heat exchanger
- unsoldered an end cap from the plumbing mechanical package (PMP) so we could dry-fit a copper elbow and
- determine the exact position for the PMP to be mounted
- figured out the dimensions for the spacer block we'd need to build to mount the PMP to so that it's at the right depth relative to the heat exchanger
- built that block and mounted it

I was hoping that we'd be able to start connecting the tubing and at least finish the furnace-side of the connections, but we decided not to make those connections just yet. The conduits that run underground only make it up to the outside of the foundation and we need to cut and connect them so that they're one conduit that feeds through the foundation.

I'm slowly coming to terms with how tedious and time consuming this part of the process is. I think we're getting better though. At least we've found a starting point to jump in at. Now that we're starting to assemble - nevermind. Predictions are useless!

- John

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