Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Last days

So we painted the living/dining room again! Jumped through all the hoops one more time of getting chips, buying samples, squinting at them for a few days, then picking a color. "Onion powder." And we brought back the idea of red in the dining room—"Ancient Copper," a squirmy kind of name but a very nice color—and confined it safely to one wall instead of letting it close in on us from all sides.

Painted it all up over a few nights after work, and here it is!

So that was the last task in this phase of renovation. As we've found out, the whole idea of being "done" with this house work is quite slippery, since the minute we finish one thing we both look directly at the thing next to it that still has to be done. But we need a rest and we're slowing down a lot for now, doing leisurely things, and basking in all those tasks we've put behind us. The heat system, for one—it's keeping us warm! That means a lot after the three months we spent installing it last summer. We smile at each other whenever we hear the floor creak as the water moves through the radiant tubes.

OK, so we have poked at a few house-related projects. One, we did a deep cleaning of most of the downstairs and brought in a couple pieces of furniture. Amazing what a simple bookshelf can do to make the place feel better.

Two, we started cleaning out the basement. We'll bring our tools down here and set up a work area—you know, the very thing it would have been so handy to have for the last year.

Three, we've been talking about ideas. Ideas for the house and for the blog. Things are going to happen. That's all I can say for now.

- Erika

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tyler said...

hooray. it's beautiful.