Thursday, March 6, 2008

One year older and a whole lot more ecru

Tomorrow, March 7, is the first anniversary of buying the house. Permit me a brief rundown of what we've done in Year One of home ownership:

Plumbed, wired, framed, floored, drywalled, painted, and fixtured the bathroom
Installed several windows, an exterior door, and some cedar shingles
Repaired and painted the roof
Rewired much of the house
Cleaned and conditioned the crawlspace
Insulated much of the house
Sistered all ceiling joists between first floor and attic
Removed several walls and replaced two of them with beams
Installed a freaking heat system and outdoor wood furnace
Installed ceilings throughout the house, vaulted the kitchen ceiling
Moved a shed up the hill
Repaired and re-railinged our porch and built new front steps
Scraped and painted maybe 2/3 of exterior trim
Painted every room downstairs

We can claim that last one just as of yesterday—put the first coat of GOLDEN ECRU and PRUSSIAN BLUE on the tool room walls!

We like it.

As for the Year Two of home ownership, we think it will involve a lot more plant care (radishes, snap peas, etc.) and a lot less construction (tape measure, shin bruises, etc.).

- Erika

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