Wednesday, September 5, 2007

84,000 staples

You go to bed a little sore, you wake up pretty sore, but if you get pumped for doing it again after work, the soreness goes away just in time to hit the deck and crawl back in.

We were all business Tuesday night. We didn't stop because we were worn out, hungry, or fed up - we only stopped because it was 11 o'clock and we still needed to shower up, cook dinner, get laundry together, and pet our cat.

We almost completed two more circuits under the house (#3 and #2, if you're keeping count), which is almost as much as we did in 9 hours the day before. Like machines, only more entertaining, when you add in the loud singing and random lyric displacements and appropriations.

Oh yeah, there were some little foot prints on the transfer plates we had left under there. And a fresh rat's nest. What gives? Why can't that rat go find a new home please.

An excellent work night!

- John

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