Monday, September 17, 2007

Rain staples & couplings

Friday was a dark and rainy night. It was also our night to finish up the stapling, and we pretty much did. When it's rainy, you have to first kneel in the mud before crawling under the house. But the yellow light is somehow cozy.

Also that night, we began joining the spliced sections of tubing. When we were running the tubes last month, there were various points at which we thought it would be best to just cut it in the middle of a run and join them later with couplings. The tubes joined easily with these 5 piece brass compression fittings that the radiant company supplied us with. We also repaired, in similar fashion, the section of tubing that was pierced by an errant staple.

We stopped around 11PM, because we hadn't eaten yet.

I think that's all that happened Friday. It felt good to know the bulk of the stapling is behind us. As far as we know...

- John

PS - I woke up at least twice that night, on my back, and thought that I was in the crawl space.

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