Wednesday, January 16, 2008

All aboard Tuesday

…it's a wild ride.

I started swigging coffee at work around 3pm to get ready for this one. We knew it would be big after our crappy night Monday, and we have something going on Wednesday night and parents coming Friday so our schedule is tight for the week, with some pretty definite goals. Translation: the whiny tone of the following entry is due to sleep deprivation. Proceed at your own risk.

The drywall man met us at home right after work, finished up his sanding and patching, then bid adieu with the words, "Y'all are nice people." We made two attempts at cutting the last little piece of kitchen window trim—actually had it right the first time, but stuck it in backwards, making it seem incorrect, and then altered it, making it worse…oh well. Once the good one was nailed in I started priming that window while John did some sanding.

Oh yeah: We also have been trying to choose paint colors for kitchen and dining room and had 4 chips picked out. John took them to Blowe's during the day to get small sample amounts we could try out, and was greeted with the news that they could not match one of the colors exactly. Huh? They've done this for us several times before. John asked how close they could get it. "Close enough," says the highly motivated employee.

Fast forward to us painting a scrap of drywall with this "close enough" color and getting our eyes blasted with an orange the color of those plastic pumpkins kids carry around at Halloween. Meanwhile the chip is a classy red-orange-brown shade. Oh well. The yellow for the kitchen is nice enough to redeem the situation.

Next up: installing the rest of the trim. Various foibles ensued: scrolling back on the digital camera to last Thursday's photos, looking for clues about where exactly the studs were located along one wall so we could nail in the trim piece. (That "knocking" method of finding studs makes me feel like a complete tool, by the way. Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello?) Then there was the realization that part of the design for the trim was bad enough to warrant building a whole different piece. And let's not forget the fact that when we broke to go pick up a pizza, the IGA was closed and we couldn't get any beer!

Anyway. We pushed bravely ahead. John started caulking the gaps along the top of the trim (the magic method that, admittedly, causes us some guilt) while I primed the new drywall. When this was done we wiped everybody's shoe dirt off the kitchen counter, brought our dirty dishes in from the bathtub where they'd been living, washed 'em up, vacuumed, straightened up, showered, admired our work, and went to bed. 1:30am.

We're tired, but we're on track! (Pun on title not intended. Time for some coffee.) Looking good. February, here we come.

- Erika

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