Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Well, we're still on track, though sometimes it's a real push. We successfully built and installed our porch railings last night. You'll remember what was there...those white picket fence-looking things. We wanted something very simple, more minimal. So we went with two horizontals only, like a horse paddock fence.

We settled on proportions and figured out how to design it and verified our measurements. We continued to measure, cut, level, plumb, fasten. Determined to complete this in one night, we pushed on until 10:45. And we did it.

Looks good, too. We'll probably run the block plane over the top corner edges to soften them a bit and add some depth and irregularity. This weekend we'll prime them and paint 'em white.

Tonight, our goal is to build and install hand rails on the porch stairs. They're going to match the new porch rails...same proportions, same idea. Very nice.

- John

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