Friday, June 8, 2007

Checking in

Ah, Friday.

Let's recap the week:

Although we had a night of relaxation planned for Monday evening, I really couldn't help slithering through the crawl space to get under the bathroom and inspect how everything was holding up after a couple days of regular-to-heavy usage.

I sliced open a section of the plastic vapor barrier where we had spliced and repaired the main waste pipe 12" before it exits the house and felt the dirt and joints for wetness. Did the same thing back upstream a bit, where the soil stack T's into the waste pipe. All good all around. Had Erika run the water in the shower and sink and flush the toilet. Everything's holding tight. Hooray! I sealed the plastic back together and crawled back out from under the house.

Straightened up inside a little bit and had a relaxing dinner in our dining room and took it easy for the rest of the night.

Tuesday we continued to catch up on rest, had a nice dinner out with some friends. Oh, and our phone line was turned on!

Wednesday we forced ourselves back into motion. We picked up our big ol' window from the glass shop. This is an 89" long beast comprised of a double-hung on either side of a large fixed picture window. We'll install this in the attic dormer this weekend. We got home and saw that the refrigerator was no longer working. Erika ran out for ice, I talked with my folks about how to try and fix it.

We figured out how the access door in the wall behind the bathtub was going to work, then we got a sheet of drywall up on that wall (this is on the outside of that bathroom, how 'bout it!).

So then, we tried to get the refrigerator working again. Pushed it out, took the back off to vacuum and check the fan and pump. Vacuumed out a large old mouse nest (complete with mummified mouse), then vacuumed the coils and put it back together, plugged it back in.

Thursday morning, still no cold air blowing in the freezer or refrigerator. We did some quick researching into efficient units and did some thinking about "what's the smallest we can live with," and ended up at Sears after work. They had one of the units we had researched - looks fine. Will order it Friday. Where's our landlord? Hmm.

Picked up a couple of sheets of drywall, some caulk, and some accessories for this weekend's window install. Came home and got up on the roof to take some detailed photos for a roofer that I've been consulting with. That's one of the next major projects.

Next, we put up a couple more drywall panels, working our way along the exterior wall of the bathroom.

Friday, we'll complete the drywalling and rest up for the window install and various other weekend activities.

Gotta say though, it feels nice to quit at 11 and not have to drive 35 minutes back to another house. Catching up on sleep!

- John

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