Tuesday, June 5, 2007


A rainy Sunday. The breakfast table was set in the living room. We ate pancakes and felt a little lazy.

As soon as the dishes were done, tomato sauce ingredients were being prepped, the oven was being troubleshot, the plywood subfloor outside the bathroom was being measured and cut, and the bathroom was receiving its second coat of detail paint.

We boarded up the attic door and window, cut wood to fill gaps in the floor left behind by the removed heating ducts, continued to paint, scrubbed the bath tub, and cooked sauce. The Dads rigged a plastic sheet to the leaky part of the roof to consolidate the multiple drips and channel the water into a single bucket by the kitchen (we usually use two or three cannisters to catch the water here).

Everybody working at once, on various jobs that needed to be done. It's amazing how much gets done this way. It would have taken Erika and I a week or more.

I returned the pex crimpers that we had been renting from the hardware store and gave 'em the news that we were moved in and the water was running. They greeted us with their usual generosity and encouragement. Picked up a loaf of bread and another bottle of wine to go with dinner.

Some more straightening up and sweeping and we moved the table into the dining room. There was some lounging around the porch and kitchen, taking it slow by late afternoon, some of us looking over the work write up and assessing what is yet to be done. (The work write up is our official renovation plan, per the bank.)

We feasted on a cheese-rich baked ziti with fresh sauce, garlic bread, and fried eggplant w/ vinegar. Listened to Blind Faith, Fela Kuti, Black Sabbath, and the wedding pre-dinner mix. Sat around the table for most of the rest of the night.

The evening climaxed with an event that we had been dreaming of for months: the first shower!

Yes, we were downright giddy, Erika and I. We attached the shower head and stood there looking at our bathroom, savoring the moment. Wow.

The water pressure is great, too!

It was magical. Everyone took a turn getting clean. Sleep was next.

What an a amazing and special weekend!

- John

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Kate said...

Erika and John! This house is amazing! I saw Tyler a few days ago and he told me about your project and your blog and here it is. I look forward to following your progress...it's so so so inspiring! Congrats!


Kate Schatz