Thursday, June 28, 2007

Success with paperwork

No exciting action shots for this post, but we did reach a milestone yesterday: the bank officially approved the work we've done so far. Brent, the consultant, came out and looked over our bathroom and other projects and gave us the thumbs-up, meaning that some stuff with our mortgage will move along the way it's supposed to and also that we did not cry in our soup after he left. Instead, we had wine and ice cream! Yay.

Also, while he was at it Brent gave us a demo on applying mud to drywall. Um, he's really good at it. And we're not. I hope we absorbed some of his expertise by osmosis. He can mud a seam in three strokes with almost no sanding required--quite a contrast to the 2 weeks or something we spent sanding, mudding, sanding, mudding in the bathroom.

All in all, it sure is nice that Brent is so laid-back (he didn't even turn on the water in the bathroom) and that we are in good standing with the big institution in the sky.

We're still trying to figure out whether we need to add ceiling joists in the first floor to support our someday-living space in the attic (Brent's advice: rip out everything we have and replace with new lumber--er, probably not) but regardless, we're getting ready to start on the heat system for realz this weekend. Stay tuned!

- Erika

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