Friday, July 20, 2007

Makin' trim

The other night we had to make a couple of cuts to the wood that Erika has painted up for the attic window trim. The trim is 3.5" wide but the bottom piece of trim needs to be 2.5" wide because of the shape of the roof and all. The trick was going to be making a straight, 1" cut eight feet along a thin piece of wood. We've got my dad's old table saw but we haven't put it back together yet.

We used the work bench. Clamped a piece of wood to one side of it, resting on the frame of the bench, to act as a guide. Then we clamped the circular saw to the other side of the bench. Now we could adjust the position of the guide in relation to the saw simply by opening and closing the work bench table. Pretty smooth.

Erika held her finger on the trigger and I fed a test cut through. Worked out nicely, so we cut the real thing - success!

Next up, we needed to cut another 8' strip, this time we wanted it to be only 1" wide and with a 45 degree side. This will be part of the upper moulding on the top piece of the window trim. Adjusted the saw deck and re-clamped it to the bench. We had to feed this piece through with another piece of wood, and the cut was completed by Erika pulling on the strip from the other side. Again, it worked and it was good.

Last night, Erika painted the newly cut sides of the trim.

Also the other night, I wired up the dining room GFCI outlet, a standard outlet, and closed up the dimmer knob switch for the dining room hanging light that we're going to install. Once we wire up that copper chandelier that we scored, we'll have switchable lighting in every room! We'll finally be able to put away the drop lights on extension cords. Simple pleasures.

I've got some photos of the saw action, but not with me. I'll upload them in a couple of days.

- John

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