Thursday, July 5, 2007

Pad by Dad

Monday, after everyone else left and John and I headed off to work, my dad poured the concrete slab for the boiler all by himself.

John made some calls, found a cement mixer to rent in Waynesboro, and called my dad with directions. The next time we connected with him was at lunchtime when I called to check in. He was breathing very hard and said he was in the middle of dumping the 32 bags of cement (he'd bought 2 more) into the mixer and only had 4 left to go. Good lord, these things weigh 80 pounds! That's 2,560 pounds!

Didn't talk again until we got home and walked in to find him showered up, making a painting and listening to Bill Evans in the dining room. He'd already returned the mixer. We checked out the slab as it cured under a tarp. He'd also rented a power tool for busting through that rock in the foundation and said it had taken about 4 minutes as opposed to the hours spent on Sunday with hand tools.

So there you have it! The guy even found time to stop and check out a used car while he was driving back and forth to Waynesboro, which for those of us who know him is pretty hilarious.

We know that was a backbreaking job and wow, Dad, thank you. We wish we could have stayed home to help, but it's so great to have that slab poured! Now we can order our boiler and hook it up. We're light years ahead of where we were last Friday.

- Erika

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