Friday, July 27, 2007

More joists and some window trim

Sorry we've been slipping a bit here with the updates.

Let's catch you up:

So I think it was last Monday that we continued installing additional ceiling joists, this time we were working in the tool room (which one post-construction day will be miraculously transformed into studio/office space). The room is small and completely cluttered and piled. Tools, supplies, scraps, miscellaneous debris.

The job went relatively smoothly. Erika put some more paint on the window trim parts that we had cut, while I worked in the tool room cutting away blocking and braces. It took us two nights to add 5 joists. Sliding the 12' joists into place was tricky in that tiny room. All that's left of the joist project is the bedroom. We'll probably have to move our bedroom out into the living room for a couple of nights as we work in there.

Thursday was a good day. Our furnace was delivered! It was already positioned on the pad when we got home from work, and Chris (our company rep) was there and gave us the run down. Thankfully, he also left us with some detailed literature on everything from best burning practices to maintenance.

Then we made our way to the roof to nail up the exterior trim on our dormer window. This went pretty smoothly, with minimal cutting required (how come two pieces were 1/2" too long?). It didn't take long to nail up the four pieces of trim, two spacers, and the molding we cut. Ah, finally we can officially cross the window project off the list!

Here's a photo of the window with the first piece of trim installed. This piece was basically a spacer that sits beneath the top molding strip that we cut:

And here it is, all trimmed up!

We finally ordered the components for our radiant heat system. That was months in the making. It should be here Tuesday. The plan: we're in New York this weekend, but Monday we'll install a vapor barrier on the ground of the entire crawl space, and by Tuesday we should officially be engaged in the heat system installation - anticipated to be a major project, second only to the bathroom.

- John

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Anonymous said...

Hello - It was great to see you in NY - Your house looks so nice! I've just been up in MA. at my mother's house - it's so pretty in the country - and such yummy tomatoes - my favorite!
I have to recommend the film "Crawlspace" to you - it's Klaus Kinski as a crawlspace lurker... pretty scary - It's an early 80's horror (?) movie - Klaus is pretty great.

I didn't remember that it takes place in Providence - I'll have to see it again too!

Hope all's well - penelope