Thursday, November 1, 2007


We put our bathroom window in!

The bathroom has two windows but since we bought the house, one of them has been missing. Instead, there was a storm window kind of tacked into the opening. As the weather's gotten colder, and chilly air streams in around it, it's gotten more urgent to get that fixed up.

Since we swapped out that window in the kitchen earlier this week, we now had a window, original to the house, that fit right into that bathroom opening and matches the existing window in the bathroom. Isn't that awesome? We think it's awesome.

Because it was, well, made for that opening, the window didn't give us too much trouble going in. We ended up removing most of the exterior trim that we'd carefully scraped and painted this summer, but we can put it back and it'll be fine. Had to lose the sill permanently since the new window came with its own, and we didn't want to pry it off for fear of destroying the window frame. So John Sawzalled that baby right out. We only put one good scratch into the green paint on our bathroom wall. Where's that leftover paint?

We lifted the new window into place and voila! Some tapping, shimming, screwing and there it was. Ready to trim out, caulk and enjoy.

It's great to be doing small projects right now. Just feels rewarding and fun.

Meanwhile, we've been working on starting the radiant heat back up (and relying on our big kerosene space heater to take the edge off). Flushed some air out of the tubing on Tuesday, and tried to get a good fire going in the Heatmor last night without success. It'll all take some getting used to. We'll try again tonight and I'm betting that by the time we resurface on Monday, we'll be radiant and toasty.

Final note: On Halloween, driving home, I saw an albino deer!

- Erika

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