Thursday, November 8, 2007

Trimming windows is hard

Old story: We thought it would be easy.

We live in an old house, and our efforts while building our bathroom were, as you know, our maiden voyage into the world of construction. As such, we made some mistakes. One of those was to install drywall around the bathroom window without taking into account the way it would "interface" with the window trim. (See the vocabulary we're picking up around here?) At the other window, the one in the corner,
we built a diagonal wall so as to include the window in the bathroom, but didn't leave quite enough room for the trim.

Also, we salvaged all our trim so it comes with old nails, dents,marks from former curtain rod brackets, and other signifiers of wisdom. Long story short, we have our bathroom windows trimmed but they are superfunk. We will be relying on paintable caulk to cover some of our sins.

I won't be so gleeful about pulling off window trim anymore--I fancied myself talented at this task but now knowing how tough it is to properly install, I have a new respect for it.

But they are trimmed! Yes, they are. Our framing hammer, a beautiful Dead On tool, saved our asses I think, as John was able to get finishing nails into our rock-hard studs against all odds. We only had a few nails bend. We also put together a sill for the corner window using part of an old sill, which had broken when we removed it, plus a scrap piece we had. We're telling ourselves it'll look much better
when it's all painted.

Meanwhile, we've been planning our porch stairs this week, since John's parents and sister are coming this weekend. My dad and brother are coming too and we'll finish the shed project. We're ordering insulation also, since it's becoming clear that although our radiant heating is functioning nicely, we're losing lots of heat through our naked kitchen roof. 25 degrees this morning!

- Erika

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Rachael said...

Well, I think it looks just fine. And I've seen it up close. Or at least part of it. And anyone who judges you on the quality of a window trim isn't a true friend anyway.