Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The truth only costs 75 cents

Feeling pretty beatdown after last night. We did a lot of figuring, a lot of head scratching, and just couldn't figure out a way to square up the existing ceiling frame of what we're calling "the nook." Basically, it's an area of flat ceiling adjacent to the vaulted one, dropped between the bathroom and the kitchen. Actually, I don't even want to talk about it. Erika suggested we quit and let our subconscious sort it out. I can get behind that. So we did. After we cleaned up and got the pasta in water, we did in fact realize how we could make it work. And this morning we figured just how we could build it.

And with that I confidently declared, "well, once we figure this out I'm pretty certain that there will be no unforeseen challenged or obstacles while putting up the ceilings throughout the rest of the house!" and we felt better.

* * *

Cutting into the house, stuffing it with cotton, and encasing it all: It displaces. Like borate to a rat, it repels you, its trillions of tiny particles coat our nest. It has not been a pretty week.

what greets us at the front door:

the same spot last week, for contrast...

- John

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