Monday, December 3, 2007

Another day, another ceiling

Friday, Erika primed the kitchen ceiling.

Friday night, we finished the tool room ceiling framing (nailers, shimming, etc) and insulated the room.

We had a big day planned Saturday.

No time was wasted getting going, either. I was in the basement swapping out the radiant mixing valve before the coffee was done steeping. It went smoothly. We isolated that section of the system by closing the valves at the send and return manifolds, drained the relatively small amount of water, and unscrewed the three nuts that hold the mixing valve on the copper tail pieces. The reason we swapped it out was because the one that was supplied to us with the system was noisy and we were told that they had received a batch like this, so we were sent a replacement. Once it was in, we closed down all but the first circuit and purged the air. Opened everything back up and we were ready to fire up the Heatmor again.

The weather has been mild, so we let the furnace burn out a few weeks ago and have been relying on our space heater on cold nights. We cleaned out the ashes from the furnace, checked the water level, and got the fire going. This time around, we got it lit on the first try and we had the water up to temperature in under an hour. We had no troubles keeping the fire going all day and over night - we've had some practice with it since the initial firing over a month ago.

Next on the list, tool room ceiling. We call it the "tool room." Eventually we will call it studio or office. In house speak, it's a bedroom. Call it what you will. But it needs a ceiling. We had to trim a little length off of Deadman. We dry-fitted the first full sheet and all looked well, so we made a mess of the gluing then hoisted the sheet up there and wedged Deadman underneath it. Pop pop pop, nail gun on the case. The room took two full sheets, approximately a third of a sheet (8' long, though), and three smaller pieces. Several hours later and with little trouble, we got the ceilings up in the room. We even got our light fixture cut correct the first time.

We still had a few odd cuts to make if we were going to complete the kitchen ceiling. We made the cuts and got those pieces up as well.

The night was still young. Why not prime it all? So prime it all we did.

Done by around 9:30, dry, sore, and hungry. Feeling victorious, we feasted.

- John

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