Monday, December 10, 2007

Another giant weekend

We're pushing hard. Our weekends lately are like running a marathon, only with coffee instead of protein drinks. Celebrated the beginning of the weekend Friday night by slapping up the rest of the bedroom ceiling, then priming it. Once again we master a task just as we finish it and leave it behind!

Next up: In order to be able to move our bed back into the bedroom and enjoy a relatively finished state of affairs in there, we needed to trim out the ceiling. (This would be the moment of truth, since the ceiling installation had left various gaps along walls and between panels, and we'd always said "trim will cover that." Were we right?) And we decided to paint our walls while we were at it. They were a color I dubbed "dingy peach," seemingly chosen in an ill-advised attempt to match the forest green trim around the windows and doors. Also, they were cracked and dented and generally abused. John put some spackle on the cracks. On Saturday morning, we chose a new color at lightning speed—Bee Pollen!—because it works with the green and because we had to get going to Lowe's.

Over the mountain, down the other side, and into the big box. We bought three kinds of paint (ceiling, Bee Pollen, and wall primer), two kinds of trim (one for the tops of the walls and one to cover the "butt joints" between ceiling panels) and various sundries. Then we went to this coffee shop in a nearby strip mall. We'd been there once before. Its main advantage is that it's not Starbucks. Last time we went, John ordered a ham and cheese croissant and was given a squashed croissant with ham and melted cheese piled on top, in that order. What the hell is this mess? Well, maybe the kitchen person was in training. If at first you don't succeed, try again. Saturday, John wanted to order the same thing but said, apologetically, "This might sound weird, but do you put the ham and cheese inside the croissant?" The kid at the register says, "No, we put it on top." John: "Well, can you put it inside?" Kid: "No."

Back at home, we tried to imagine how all the timing would work out for the day, what with the various paints and primers needing to dry between coats. You don't really care about this puzzle, do you? In some order that I don't totally remember, we:

-Caulked the ceiling joints
-Sanded the spackle, then primed the walls
-Cut the trim pieces, beveled the edges with the router and hand plane, sanded them (John got a splinter the size of a toothpick which went in one side of his finger AND OUT THE OTHER SIDE), primed and painted them
-Painted the door and closet door for good measure
-Put the first coat of yellow on the walls. Uh-oh. Do we like this? It's pretty damn bright.

Cooked up some dinner and collapsed.

- Erika

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