Thursday, December 6, 2007

Plybead marches on

We've been working on putting up the bedroom ceiling! After our big cleaning on Sunday, we enjoyed about 48 hours of cleanliness and order before destroying it all by moving our bedroom stuff into the living room. Did some framing Monday and Tuesday, and by Wednesday we were ready to insulate and put up the two full sheets of beadboard this room will take. Now we have the 5 small pieces still to go. This is our last beadboard ceiling; for the living and dining rooms, we're concocting a plan to use finished plywood. More on that soon.

Also had another very successful visit from our renovation inspector. The upshot is, next time he comes out we should be closing out our loan and ending this phase of our life and of the renovation. There will still be plenty to do on the house, but we'll be doing it on our own terms, which probably won't mean every freaking evening and weekend. If you are a friend or a family member of ours, you can expect the shameless neglect to stop sometime in January! Yay!

Don't count on the endless house-babble to go anywhere, though.

- Erika


Mike said...

Any pictures of this project completed? My wife and I like the idea of beadboard ceiling in our bedroom. My question would be how do you hide the seams at the ends of the sheets? Or don't you? I know this Plybead has lap joints on the long ends, but what about the short ends?

John and Erika said...

Hi Mike,

For some completed photos, check out the December 2007 archive, specifically December 10th post "Of Bedrooms and Biscuits."

For the butt-joints where there are no laps, we covered the seam with 1/2" thick by 2" wide pine, and beveled the edges with a block plane. We used another piece of trim this way, even though there was only one seam that needed covering, so that the design would balance out. The way it worked out with the room was such that these two trim pieces divided the ceiling into thirds.

We're please with how it turned out, but we also lucked out in that this cottage-y design worked with the rest of the house.

Good luck!