Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Crazy Talk

Last night we moved all our construction materials from the bedroom, living room, and dining room into the tool room and basement. We also cut the bathroom sink top from the 260 pound slab of soapstone. After we sand, buff, and seal the stone, it will be almost black, with the mineral veins showing through as whites, grays, and tans. (Same goes for the floor!)


We thought we'd try something new here. Last night we realized that there's a chance we might not have this done in time for the move. There's a shower at Erika's office (we think), and there are several toilets in town so...

But we're not giving up hope! Over an 11:30pm dinner last night we did what has always worked in the past, we made a list of everything that needs to be done and scheduled it. Things might pull together, and we might pull some all-nighters, but this is it, it's for real.

So read up and hang on for the ride. And now, here is operation Crazy Talk:


Cut oval hole in vanity stone top for sink
Sand stone vanity top edges and round the corners
Vaccuum and put plastic up on ceiling up in bedroom
Wash bedroom walls and windows
Chisel and saw and clean up floor edges for temporary floor between kitchen and bathroom
Choose bathroom paint color then sleep on it


Pick up tile, floor grout, more wall grout
Tile shower wall border
Grout bathroom floor
Decide bathroom paint color


Rent floor sander for bathroom
Buy paint and primer and accessories
Go home and pack


Finish small sanding spots on bathroom drywall
Sand bathroom floor


Grout shower border
Caulk bathroom (all around shower, tub, floor)
Prime bathroom walls and ceiling
Assemble cart
Load dumpster


Paint Bathroom
Sand sink top
Glue sink
Go home and pack


Second coat of paint in bathroom


Install and connect toilet
Connect sink
Finish basement plumbing


A continuation of Tuesday, no doubt


Families get to town
Load up moving truck? Finish plumbing? Where will we be?!

- John

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