Thursday, May 31, 2007

Daze 8 and 9

As I write this on the morning of Day 10, I....zzzzzzz......

Day 9 was a doozy, folks: we were at the house until 3:30am. Sheesh! Due mostly to John's seemingly inexhaustible supply of energy and good cheer, we now have a closed plumbing system: toilet and sink hooked up, and all plumbing finished in the basement around the water heater.

It's "long story short" time: We worked on the toilet on Tuesday, but didn't finish because we needed different bolts to secure it to the floor. Got those Wednesday after work, I ate some soup sitting on the tub (eating in the bathroom has become sort of routine; it's the nicest room in the house these days), John got ready to deal with the sink drain in the crawlspace. That turned out to be a hellish job since the drain is on a weird angle and the elbow leading up through the floor would not glue after three attempts. We took a break out on the patio to clear our heads of frustration (and John's head of PVC cement fumes). Worked on the toilet for a while instead: got it in! I assembled the showerhead and the faucet handles too, and would have done the tub spout except we had the wrong size pipe for inside the spout.

Then we went to the basement and finished up the crimping down there: nice new lines leading into and out of the water heater, complete with valves so that our radiant system can get hooked into this in a couple of months. And then--the final push--it must have been 1am already at this point--we took another run at that sink drain. Much better this time due to a different approach and trimming the hole a bit larger through the floor with the Sawzall. Drain finished, supply lines poked up through the floor, trap and vent and sink stopper assembled, holy shit! Here's our bathroom!

Our parents are coming tonight to help us move tomorrow. We may actually all be able to shower at the new place, if about 10 things go right when we turn on the water. There are plenty of little tasks remaining in the bathroom but damn if it isn't getting close.

10 days: it's been challenging.

- Erika

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