Monday, May 7, 2007

The usual

First, a quick recap of what we did most of last week: sand drywall mud, re-tape some areas in the bathroom and mud those, sand 'em, touch up some areas, sand, sand, sand. We look like powdered donuts when we leave!

Oh yeah, and we finally ordered our giant window set for the attic dormer (let me check the blog and see how long it has been since we removed the old window....).

And then the weekend arrived, as they often do, with much anticipation and a reasonable set of goals. Our goals are becoming slightly more reasonable, yes. Maybe it has something to do with the experience we're gaining, that what we think (okay, what I think) will take a few hours probably will take a couple of days. Or maybe our goals are becoming more reasonable because there is less stress when you actually attain these goals rather than chase them down for days. Either way, we're getting there.

Erika's mom arrived on the scene Friday afternoon. When I showed up it was lightly raining, a little chilly, and we didn't stand around long before we got down to work.

Erika and Mom constructed a plastic wall to seal off the kitchen and I bellied across the crawl space to under the bathroom where I planned to make the connections: tub drain and trap, trap arm to stack. I'd been waiting for this day - the planning for this tub drain system was done back when my parents were here, my dad and I measuring heights, lengths, and angles in thin air. A lot has happened, construction-wise since then, and I was very relieved to discover Friday night that it was going to work!

I did a little bit of assembly, frequently calling up through the floor to Erika for the random tool or accessory or to pass up a piece of pipe that needed cutting. I left the job undone for the night because I wanted to ask a question of my dad regarding this compression fitting, but I felt really good knowing it should only be a few minutes' work the next day.

Mom was kitchen-cleaning and Erika and I were sanding compound and applying an extra layer or two in the bathroom, as usual.

Called it a night and went home and cooked up a tasty batch of rice and beans.

- John

Blow-drying some stubborn patches of joint compound

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