Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Week in Review

Another set of weekdays gone by without blogging. I think we can sum them up in two categories: hell trip to Lowe's and more taping/mudding/sanding.

Early in the week we set aside a full night to go get a bunch of things from that abomination, that wretched pit of ignorance and apathy, Lowe's. First we had to return 6 sheets of nasty treated plywood, a purchase made almost two months ago in a questionable state of mind. They had been stacked all this time on our living room floor. They were moist upon purchase. Two months later, we've got a 4'x8' mold-stained reminder of our folly. Don't leave moist lumber stacked on your wood floor. Duh.

So we returned a bunch of stuff then went into the store for a bathroom sink basin, faucet set, toilet, a few plumbing accessories, more sheet rock, etc. We were approached by a young couple, who were making uncomfortably polite conversation with us, and as I started to bail on them we were told that we "fit the demographic" and they wanted us to listen to their business opportunity. The best part, I thought, was that the name of their organization is "The Business Team" and I could only imagine the brainstorm that led to that choice. "Hmm, we need a name for our business team...but what to call it?" Anyway, after politely declining, they slipped back into the darkness, somewhere over by the carpet floor display most likely.

Long story short, I think...the toilet that we decided to buy, after an hour's deliberations, wasn't in stock. Of course. They have toilets that can flush two dozen golf balls, four miles of extra thick toilet paper, and gallons of used motor oil. Amazing. We liked the small one, because we don't flush too many golf balls these days.

Man, I want to keep going on about each experience we had in each department, with each and every employee who did not know, did not care, or did not exist. But never mind. I'm way late on this entry anyway.

More importantly, we spent several days after that mudding and sanding in the bathroom. We also started drywalling the other sides of those walls (living room and kitchen) so that we wouldn't have to stress the tile and grout jobs that we have planned for a few days from now. Finally glued up the main plumbing vent and closed that up behind a wall.

And skimcoating - as if sanding and resanding drywall mud over joints and corners wasn't enough, we "skimcoated" the areas around the shower that will be painted rather than covered with tile. Since the DensShield backer is textured, we smeared it with mud and had to sand all of that down too. Lookin' tough!

- John

Look, a corner!

The bathroom, from a distance.

Correcting our mistake with vinegar.

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