Thursday, April 26, 2007

more wallin'

We forgot to bring the last of our chili for dinner, but an improvised dinner of crackers, cheddar, and a pale ale went down just fine. Sitting on the porch swing with satisfied bellies, I think we were close to dozing off while listening to the birds. Jumped up and got to work.

Short work was made of installing the drywall panels above and below the back window, thanks to a sack of drywall nails. We were finding it difficult to use screws in some spots, and in other spots the hard wood just snapped 'em, so we switched to nails for those spots.

Next, we insulated the next outer wall, stapled and taped up the plastic, and measured and cut a single panel. Most of the 8'x4' panel would be used in one piece here. Lifting it into place we saw that it needed some shaving here and there, and rather than take it down completely and move it back out of the little bathroom, Erika just lowered it enough so that I could get up on the ladder and do the trimming. Drywall rained down all over Erika and it made me a little sad.

After some finagling, we got it into correct position and Erika tacked it up with some nails. I worked the bottom half with the screws and she the top half with the nails and before too long, we had it done.

Swept up and left by 11:15.

- John

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