Friday, April 20, 2007

Another piece of the wall

We've been setting nightly project goals lately. It helps us feel like we've accomplished something, even if it's not a back breaking 6 hour weeknight shift. Tuesday's goals were pretty clear cut: finish up running the pex tubing in the bathroom (we couldn't get the hot water line done Monday because we ran out of tubing), and see where we stand with the final piece of the bathroom frame: the door frame.

The tubing went well and was done in under a half hour, if you count the 15 minutes or so that we spent trying to find the gauge. then we kicked over to our old friend who has been lying on the kitchen floor for a month, the door frame.

Erika carefully salvaged the frame and its trim from the wall that used to exist between the kitchen and bathroom/mystery area. Clearly it is as old as the house - it's made of the same impenetrable wood, weighs one million pounds, and is scarred with the rust and holes of many twisty nails. We started by pulling out the old anchoring nails, the remaining trim and random nails, staples, and so on. Once we de-porcupined the frame, we carried it to the new wall and carefully lifted it into place.

The good news is that it fit in the space that we left for it during the wall framing! We did some kicking and twisting, tying, blocking, and shimming, and before too long we could see that this was definitely going to work. So, we put the door on its hinges, just for fun.

Knock knock - may I come in? - why certainly - here I come, through the door! haha.

Goals accomplished and wanting an early night, we took inventory of the lumber left on hand and figured out what we'd need to pick up for the next night. Just as we were picking up our things to head out the door, we lost power again.

- John

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