Thursday, April 5, 2007

The wall continues

It's encouraging how, the second time we do something, it seems so much more obvious and easy than the first time we did it. Case in point: wall framing. That first section--the world's tiniest wall--cost us many hours and much frustration, but the second section was very straightforward.

Yep, not much to say about it: measured, cut, put up nailers, put in bottom plate, built the box, nailed it in, leveled and plumbed and fussed and shimmed, and there it was.

One thing: The lumber we bought is totally crappy. Put a few nails in it and it splits like balsa. What th'?

Next up, when we get back from Florida, we'll move that tub in for realz, put in the drain, then be ready to finish up our wall and move on to some more plumbing and underlayment stuff. Pretty cool. We can see that we'll soon need to think about tile, shower fixtures, lighting, etc.: This is going to be a room someday! Amazing. To us it is, anyway.

PS: If anyone knows a good remedy for ladybugs, please let us know.

Some photos:

Where someday heat will radiate.

Easiest construction task ever: laying down a plastic sheet.

Dad tests the floor with a little softshoe routine. It passed!

We stuffed this guy back down into the crawlspace and cemented all the openings. Who WAS that?

One of our many dependencies is the guesthouse visible at the rear of this photo.

Two little walls that took three big days.

A nice photo of our mighty edifice.

- Erika

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Anonymous said...

About the ladybugs, check and if you can't find anything there, email the Bugman himself, Richard Fagerlund. We've met him and asked him questions about ants, scorpions, centipedes getting in the house, and he knows his stuff. Plus he's of an environmental bent, so he won't recommend nasty chemicals if there's another way. --Ellen