Thursday, August 9, 2007

4th Circuit

Day 5 in the crawl space. I think that's a record. We're going to shatter whatever record there was by the time we're through with the heating. Yesterday evening, around 6:15, we got down on our bellies and slithered under the house. That's becoming one of the toughest parts for me - it's hot outside, I've put on the nasty shirt from yesterday that I had left out on the clothesline to air out, and now we've go to lie down on the damp ground and pull ourselves to the other side of the house. Dust, dirt, chips of wood from the drilling, are all things that our bodies mop up every time we move in there. The dusty, musty odors, the smell of plastic and was just all a bit depressing yesterday.

Despite the frustrations we were both feeling, we pushed on, determined to accomplish the goal of running the fourth circuit. It was a rough one. I felt like I was over-thinking how to feed from the coil and thus we seemed to be experiencing more twisting in the runs than ever. But we worked them out. We spliced the tubing at one point in the circuit where it re-enters the basement after a series of loopbacks. That helped relieve some of the tension from the tubing. We finished up the funky run only because Erika fully understood the connections that needed to be made. When we spliced mid-circuit, we also decided to change course and feed the rest of it in reverse. I got lost with this and couldn't for the life of me understand how the new routing was supposed to all line back up. I just followed her lead to the end of that one. We were both pretty fed up by that point and as soon as the last foot of tubing was run we dropped everything from our hands and went straight upstairs.

The plan for today is to map out the fifth and final crawlspace circuit and drill the holes. Today will be our sixth straight day in there and it no longer matters to us that we're in there well past sundown when it's totally dark outside.


- John

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