Monday, August 13, 2007

Sunday, plus a bunch of photos

After our superday on Saturday, we both woke up feeling sore and slow. Luckily we were scheduled to take a drive over the mountain and buy some plywood, which actually felt like a little break. Did a little browsing in Home Despot until I reached my big-box time limit and had to get out of there; loaded up 5 sheets of plywood and hit the road. Whew! Almost turned into a pumpkin.

Back at home, we had some leftover polenta, John made a run for deck screws, and we started in on the task of laying plywood in the attic, under the lowest part of the roof where it meets the top of the walls. This will be a good storage area and we'd like to build in some shelves and drawers when we make the attic into our bedroom. But really, we're doing this now so that we can run our radiant tubing under the attic. It also has the advantage of the making the downstairs rooms a little more closed up, almost like having full ceilings.

Only really tough things about this job were that we had to cut each sheet in half lengthwise to fit it between the short studs and into place; that it was 140 degrees up there; and that we were staring down between joists into the downstairs which made me afraid of falling. (Also afraid because I nearly stepped backward into the open stairwell at the highest point, which would have been a truly ugly fall.) We had to jigger some wiring around to accommodate the plywood; removed one last section of old black Romex and replaced with the new stuff. At one point, down in the basement, we both hung our entire body weight off the old stuff, like swinging on a vine, to get it to come out.

In the end we laid about 3/4 of the attic plywood. Figure we can finish it up tonight, then plan our radiant runs for the second floor.

And now, let's pause for some photos.

What's for lunch? Joist surprise.

The present state of things

Our garden looking after itself

Damn invasive species

An old horse fence we brought home

The yard

An idea whose time has come

Sleeping in the parlor for now.

- Erika

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