Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Done runnin'

Okay, last night we straightened out the tangles and finished running the tubing. We pretty much just backed out whatever had been done on the third circuit, untangled it, and re-fed it. Finished up the rest of the run and were done by 10.

Tonight we plan to begin the second phase of the heat system installation: stapling up the aluminum heat transfer plates. I'm feeling excited by this. It's that excitement I get when we finish one long, drawn-out task and are about to enter the next task, full of optimism. Sweet, naive optimism.

I'm sure it won't be so bad!

- John

Erika here. I just want to say that when John started undoing the mess in the tubing, he was using the phrase "coil energy" and I found it very impressive. Even better was when I actually started to understand what it meant.

If you come to our house we'll totally teach you about coil energy, man.

- Erika

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