Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Drillin' like a villain

This will be a rather short, pictureless entry.

Running the pex is a pretty long and tedious task, which is probably already very clear from our earlier posts. I can't imagine it's that exciting to read about. We've been talking about having some of the songs play on the blog that tend to get stuck in our heads while we work---maybe that would help? Or maybe it would make it much, much worse.

I don't know. All I know is, we spent last evening on the fourth circuit. Didn't run any pex at all; it took the whole night just to figure out how the circuit should run and to drill the 25 or so holes to accommodate the tubing. I like drawing maps, so I did that part. We had a lot of discussion about the best way to route the tubing around the two chimneys and some other obstacles--some of it in the basement, some upstairs looking at the floor and trying to visualize joists, some laying on our backs in the crawl gazing at the floor frame we built a few months ago. (Which, it is now very clear, we designed for structure and not for heat-system-convenience.) Developed a funny little vocabulary shorthand: "the gap," "the loop," "three regulars," "three and a buddy."

And then the drilling. I hung out in the crawlspace with John and read the map while he drilled. (See earlier picture of John drilling in crawlspace.) More holes in the basement; by that time it was after 9. Tonight we'll run that whole circuit, we hope (see earlier pictures of orange tubing being run), and then it's on to the final and most complicated circuit, the one that'll go under the whole bathroom with its many extra joists and other obstacles (see earlier pictures of bathroom floor frame). After that we get to bust out our new heavy-duty staple gun! Woot. THEN we'll be takin some photos.

- Erika

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