Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Special Delivery

Our radiant heating components were delivered yesterday! Talk about one load off your shoulders, another one on. This order has been months in the making.

It came in many large boxes, some smaller ones, and super-exciting plywood and 2x4 open-ended crates that exposed a network of copper plumbing.

I couldn't wait to see what the thermostat looked like, so I peeked. Behold, the dorkiness of John.

Now for some more planning and decision-making so we can figure out exactly where and how to dive in.

Also last night we laid the vapor barrier in the middle crawl space. It wasn't so bad. We got it done in about an hour.

Pro: it's easier to crawl and slide on the black plastic and it's not as silty/dirty.

Con: you can't see where the rocks are and they hurt when you put your knee on them.

- John

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