Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bloody Sunday

It wasn't too gory, but our house was blessed with the blood of John's mother when she had a mishap involving a spade fork while cleaning out one of the overgrown flowerbeds by our front steps. Luckily, the wound wasn't too bad and was patched up immediately with good ol' duct tape. I can tell you we've already added both sweat and tears to our little castle, so now it's really part of the family. Plus the house looks all spiffy now when you drive up to it and see the nice clean bed.

Sunday we generally spent continuing Saturday's work. I went back into the crawlspace and watched some TV. No, wait, I tore down the remaining metal duct, basically a big piece of sheet metal nailed to two joists, and pulled it through an opening into the basement. I'm getting used to being in there; I swear it's almost comfy. I mean, you're lying down. (Later I was eating a beet salad for lunch and John's dad said it was funny that I was spending so much time in the crawlspace and then eating roots.)

John and his dad, meanwhile, started working on the project of putting new floor joists into the bathroom. We have to double them up to support our soapstone floor, and one of them has to be replaced too. There were a lot of scraps of subfloor left around the edge of the room, between the trimmers and the bottom of the walls, which were tricky to get out. I'm not sure what-all those guys were doing in there, but various power saws seemed to be involved.

I made a run to the hardware store for a bit that would take out sheetrock screws, then started working on getting them out of the kitchen ceiling. Kind of a tough task, as many of them break off or, due to my limited power tool skills, just won't come out. Worked on the living room ceiling too. Lunch was on the back patio (a concrete slab that I realized I desperately need to build a deck on top of, someday) in order to soak up the warmth. Leftover corned beef and cabbage for J and his parents, leftover beets for me.

It's a little unnerving to see the physical work slowing down somewhat, but all this planning and figuring is definitely important too. And it was so great to have help from people who have done all this before. John's parents rock. It also rocks that we all still have all our toes.

Other stuff:

- John learned how to remove, replace, and relocate electric sockets and circuits
- Temporarily sealed up the main plumbing vent up on the roof

- Erika

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