Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Welcome to the Jungle

(March 7, 2007)

We signed...

and we signed...

and we signed...

and then we were homeowners!

Holy Nelson!

First things first: right after leaving the settlement company, we ordered a pizza. Then we picked up a bottle of champagne for the express purpose of smashing on some part of the house. Then hopped on the big road to Nelson County, making happy calls to family as we went! Yippee!

Pulled into our driveway, looked around grinning, and here we were! John carried me over the threshold. He smashed the bottle on the chimney (after a couple of soft taps, that is)--champagne on the floor, broken green glass--and then I popped another bottle, a gift from my boss, off the front porch. (We'll probably find that cork when we dig the trench for the electric line.) Cheers, y'all. And away we go!

Other than putting away an unholy amount of pizza, we accomplished a few things that night. The dead ladybugs were swept away. Random objects were consolidated in one bedroom to make it easier to think and see what needs to happen. (Lots of useful stuff among those objects, by the way--thanks for the miter saw, locksets and panes of glass, sellers!) Lights were turned on. The obvious was stated numerous times ("Dude, this is ours! We own this place!")

And there was much rejoicing.
- Erika


morgansutherland said...

I spy with my little eye something that starts with... P.

(A Python reference!)

Lil sis said...

Cheers! Congrats and much love!