Friday, March 23, 2007

End of the 8 Day Week

Wednesday. We purchased a couple of 4" PVC pipes and various connectors so that we could splice a drain line into the existing main drain. This new drain line will someday accept the drain from an upstairs bathroom. You know, like, when we really feel like building a bathroom from scratch. We want to get this figured out now so that a year or two down the road when we build our upstairs bath, we won't have to figure, saw, position, and glue on our bellies with 10" of clearance in the dark. The floor's off, do it now.

Erika, back in the crawlspace, was now holding 12 feet of 4" pvc flush against the bottom of the floor, where one day it will meet with the upstairs drain pipe. I was positioning it's landing point from within the existing bathroom, then marked it off on the footer with duct tape.

While I spent my time configuring elbows and pipes, Erika picked up her trusty crowbar and began dissecting the partition wall between the kitchen and bathroom. She worked carefully around the doorframe. I dismantled a light switch and she removed the wiring and kept at the careful deconstruction. We didn't plan on needing any power tools that night so we left the saws at home. But had we had the reciprocating saw on hand, she would have had that door frame out in one piece, trimmer studs and all. We'll be able to use that door frame for the bathroom.

That was Wednesday. Thursday night is a night off. Sleep is required. Ssssleeep is zzzzzz...

- John

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