Monday, March 26, 2007

Joist to the World!

Sunday, we began building the bathroom floor frame. It was a good move to have planned and diagrammed the floor frame the week before. We were able to focus on leveling, shimming, cutting, and toenailing.

Even still, it took all day to frame about 3/4 of the floor. But that's okay. The important thing was that we finally had sawdust on our floor!

One of the best moves we made all day was fashioning a saw guide out of a square and a C clamp. Perfect cuts every time! Erika became handy with the circular saw, I felt good about drilling small pilot holes to help with the toenailing, and all in all, everything is turning out level and sturdy! Our plan seems to be working and the plumbing is fitting nice and snug with the frame.

A good day!

- John

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