Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Day 2

We showed up at the house for our first night of work without much of a game plan. Had some ideas, but no real concept of how long each item might take to accomplish. Longer than expected, that is the answer.

I was ready to take the toilet out. The bowl was cracked and we also wanted to know what was going on under there. I started to take it apart while Erika started ripping down drywall in the bathroom.

With the toilet out, we could easily see that there was some rot going on there. I started picking at it, sheepishly at first, but quickly ramped up to ripping into it with the crowbar. After several layers of flooring were dug through, the original floor was revealed. Old linoleum over eight inch plank sheathing. Still very strong! Spent the rest of the night pulling up flooring in there, but didn't get too far. I stopped at the bathroom's edge when I ran into some strong tongue-in-groove flooring. It seemed like it was in good condition and worth salvaging, prying up slowly. Being that I was growing tired and a little impatient, it seemed like a good place to stop. Also, we were running out of space due to all the debris we were creating.

In the end, maybe about 10 square feet of floor was pulled up that night and Erika had managed to pull down most of the drywall in there.

- John

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