Monday, March 19, 2007

Friday - Parents Make the Scene

Although it had been fairly warm for the past week, Friday was gray and rainy and cold. And isn't it something that that afternoon, meeting my parents at the house as they finished their drive up from Florida, that it would start snowing!

Mom got some coffee going to keep us warm and my Dad and I stared down into the open pit that is our bathroom and mulled over the plumbing scheme. "What we've got here is a piece of cake," he said, sipping off the coffee. Well I'm glad someone thinks so!

We decided to take out the existing metal plumbing (the stack/vent and all of the bathtub plumbing) and replace it with pvc. Out with the reciprocating saw and off with the stack. Mom moved the two big piles of rocks unearthed during The Great Crawlspace Digout from the living room out to the woods. Erika showed up after work and worked on cleaning up the dining room ceiling some more. Dad and I figured out a parts list for the plumbing project. We also put together a shopping list for bathroom subfloor and wall construction and the upcoming electrical projects.

We caravanned to the building supply store and fanned out across its wide aisles. But alas, the store was closing up and we weren't going to have the time we needed to shop carefully, so we put back the handful of supplies we had gathered and headed out to a late dinner before making the long drive back to the farm.

- John

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