Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Funky Joist Pattern

The bathroom floor has been framed!

Took a Sunday and two weeknights to complete. We made a few rookie mistakes - adding a doubled trimmer before nailing a set of double headers, for instance - but it's strong none-the-less.

Observation: the old wood is so much harder than the new pine.

We're pretty close to putting down the plywood now, which is really exciting. There are a few more things that we should take care of before that though, if we want to make life just a little easier down the road. They are:

- Hole saw joists and notch out braces for radiant tubes
- Finalize wiring routes in shared walls
- Put down a vapor barrier in the under-bathroom crawl space
- Saw off the exisiting drain stem that will accept the bathroom sink drain
- Determine the exact location of the proposed angled wall and cut away the old subfloor from underneath it

After we get those things taken care of (Thursday? Friday?), we will be ready to put down some plywood. Not to get ahead of myself here, but I think after that we'll be able to bring the bathtub back in! Holy cow!

Oh yeah, when we got to the house yesterday afternoon, there were thousands of lady bugs crawling all over the windows (both sides) and walls. We spent about 15 minutes shopvac-ing them. Dumped the bodies in the woods. They have officially worn out their welcome, lost their charm.

- John


Kore said...

reading about all yr homework is fun. i would never have any clue of how to do any of this stuff. i am really bad at even hammering nails. i remember when my dad built our house tho, & the garage we helped him build behind the house. that was starting from scratch, but we had lots of bugs in our house, too. not cute like ladybugs, but nasty scorpions, potato bugs, black widows & etc.

tyler said...

aw heck yeah you show those bugs what's what